Have you ever been to the beach only to forget sunscreen, or on a picnic only to forget utensils, or on vacation only to wonder if you left the stove turned on or the iron plugged in?   Poor planning and careless execution can turn a cherished moment or a pleasant outing into a loathsome experience and regrettable disaster in no time!  

It is for this very same reason that this long quotation form was developed.  Granted, it was created in order to best tailor iFLiWi services to your needs, but it’s also developed to help customers better plan their work and to help both of us avoid those pesky details that are often prone to disrupting your work and ruining your budget!  While the long quotation form might at first appear intimidating, it’s arranged in ten concise sections as follows:  

  1. General Customer Information
  2. Project Objectives and General Job Requirements
  3.  Site Information and Schedule Coordination
  4.  Special Operations and Flight Planning
  5.  Piloting, Streaming, and Content Viewing Services
  6.  Technical Specifications:  Images
  7.  Technical Specifications:  Video
  8.  Calculations, Engineering, Reporting, and Post Production
  9.  Drone Deployment Services
  10.  Quotation and Purchasing Details

Upon a quick inspection of the form and abbreviated list above, it will become evident that many of the options and services listed won’t remotely apply to most jobs; the principle same applies to even more involved and complex jobs.   Nevertheless, there are inescapable and relevant details that apply to all jobs, e.g., the date or schedule of proposed work, the basic scope of the work, the location, etc. 

In short, while customers may wish to employ the Budget Estimate request form and process, they are nevertheless highly encouraged to perform a cursory review of the information contained on the Detailed Quote form.  The time, money, and frustration that you save just might be your own!  

Should you find any of the questions on the form difficult to answer or impossible to know at the quotation stage, please make a point to flag or identify the content as unknown or ambiguous, such that all risks and delays can be avoided to the greatest extent possible or practical before work commences.   If some of the questions are too technical or perplexing, don’t be stressed or alarmed, as your overall objectives and iFLiWi defaults and discretion will help determine your needs.  That being understood, you are still welcome to write or call in order to clarify any parts of the form or of the drone operation as you see fit.  There are no stupid questions!

Please note that even upon completion of the Detailed Quotation form, iFLiWi reserves the right to quote work on either a fixed price or on a a T&M basis, as there is no guarantee that all risks can be identified or accounted for in the quotation process.   

Users may prefer to complete this Detailed Quotation form in PDF format and email it to andrew@ifliwi.com.  Click to download PDF form. 






For your convenience, iFLiWi gives customers two options for projecting project pricing, a “Budget Estimate” and a “Detailed Quote”.  The differences between them and the advantages/disadvantages of each approach is summarized below:


  • Quick and easy for customer to complete and submit form. 
  • Quick for iFLiWi to develop.
  • More suited to smaller and shorter jobs.
  • Based on rough time & material (T&M) expenditure estimates.
  • May result in higher costs due to delays, rework, and unknowns.



  • Requires time for customer to identify job specifics & risks. 
  • May require more time for planning and clarification of details.
  • More suited to larger and more complicated jobs.
  • May be offered on either a T&M or fixed price basis.  
  • May result in lower costs due to better planning and disclosure.


Which services, cost projection approach, and contracting strategy is best for you?  Take a little time, explore the website , check out the forms, think about what you want and need, and submit your request. 


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