After the aerial imagery of your people, properties, processes, equipment, or events are recorded, iFLiWi can also perform a wide variety of value-added services, including editorial, data processing, engineering, drawing, and clerical tasks to technically or artistically tailoring your recordings into a more useful format, including a wide range of documents and/or electronic deliverables.  

Content Editing & Color Correction

Instead of delivering raw drone content, iFLiWi can also artistically edit your original recordings.  Beyond basic color correction, iFLiWi can insert captioning, logos, names, and/or credits, crop or clip frames to highlight your best content, or mix in third party video and/or audio recordings.


Calc’s, Drawings, & Certification

Using the latest software, iFLiWi can pilot drones to obtain sizes, areas, and volumes of structures and piles, accounting for all shapes and irregularities.  Likewise, iFLiWi can help transform aerial drone data into scaled drawings and site plans, certifying the drawing content should the need arise.


Inspection Results & Reports 

Drone-based inspections are useful, but not an end in and of themselves.  To help process, document, and contextualize your recordings, iFLiWi can document inspection results, annotating reports with location, ID information, material condition, etc., so your staff can focus on other priorities.