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Why complete thus long quotation form? 

Have you ever been to the beach only to forget sunscreen, or on a picnic only to forget utensils, or on vacation only to wonder if you left the stove turned on or the iron plugged in?  It is for this very same reason that this long quotation form is made available to customers.  It’s done to best tailor iFLiWi services to your needs, and to help everyone plan and to help both of us avoid those pesky work upsetting and budget ruining details!

This quotation form is divided into ten sections:

  1. General Customer Information
  2. Project Objectives and General Job Requirements
  3.  Site Information and Schedule Coordination
  4.  Special Operations and Flight Planning
  5.  Piloting, Streaming, and Content Viewing Services
  6.  Technical Specifications:  Images
  7.  Technical Specifications:  Video
  8.  Calculations, Engineering, Reporting, and Post Production
  9.  Drone Deployment Services
  10.  Quotation and Purchasing Details

Bear in mind that most of the options and services listed won’t apply to most jobs; the principle same applies to even more involved and complex jobs.  While it is possible to arrange for work on a time and materials basis without form completion, the customer must consider that time and expenses may increase and that delays and additional rework may be required due to poor planning.  Should you find any of the questions perplexing, don’t sweat it…  If it’s something that you don’t understand, there’s a good chance that the service isn’t something that you need.  Of course, you are encouraged to write or call to clarify any parts of the quotation process or of drone operation as you see fit.  There are no stupid questions! 

Users may prefer to complete this SERVICE REQUEST form in PDF format.  Click here to download PDF form. 








  • 1. General Customer Information

  • 2. Project Objectives and General Job Requirements

  • Note: Understanding the recording objectives helps improve flight plan, subject matter focus, and overall job execution.
  • Note: By default, aerial drones do not employ audio recording equipment.
  • Note: Most aerial missions are video recorded in their entirety and then cut or edited for brevity.
  • Note: Target image count should correlate with subjects described below, understanding that extras will be recorded and included.
  • Please list each element by proper noun or name such that all things may be identified and collectively recorded on site.
  • Describe your preferences such as weather, shooting sequence, aircraft speed, direction, lighting, distance, orientation, etc.
  • Please email any images or drawings to
  • 3. Site Information and Schedule Coordination

  • (Only required if different from above)
  • (Only required if different from above)
  • Enter the street address, property name, or a concise location description.
  • Note that all outdoor flights are ultimately weather dependent and may be subject to rescheduling to ensure public safety.
  • Check all variables that may apply.
  • Facilities listed above are usually not required, but may be necessary if site is remote, if work is extended, or needs are warranted.
  • 4. Special Operations and Flight Planning

  • Please email any images or drawings to
  • 5. Piloting, Streaming, and Content Viewing Services

  • 6. Technical Specifications: Images

  • Please email any images or drawings to
  • 7. Technical Requirements: Video

  • Note:
  • Please email any images or drawings to
  • 8. Calculations, Engineering, Reporting, and Post-production

  • Note: iFLiWi cannot assume responsibility for condition of recordings upon customer receipt of SD media.
  • Note: Files can be large and take significant time to copy on-site or to download via slow internet connection.
  • Please email any images or drawings to
  • 9. Drone Deployment Services

  • Note: Repeat or recurring customers are eligible for discounted rates.
  • 10. Quotation and Purchase

  • Note: iFLiWi reserves the right to deviate from customer contract preference based upon project risks, liabilities, or other external factors.
  • Note: A single invoice may be submitted upon completion of services. Additional invoice(s) may follow after the receipt of files, documents, or reports as applicable.
  • Please email any images or drawings to
  • Please email any images or drawings to